I’m Sidney San Martín (a.k.a. s4y), a creative technologist and performer based in Brooklyn, NY. My work and collaborations are shown worldwide and focus on live performance, music visuals, immersive art, and electronics.

Recent projects span live dance, physical immersive art, 3D virtual spaces, and systems programming… and I’m always looking for new challenges. In the past, I’ve also done full-time software engineering on products including OkCupid and Chrome.


This section is still being filled in! If you have questions, email me.

Music visuals

Echo Chamber (2022)

Donate-a-Note (2021)

Personal projects 2020

Secret Garden (2020)

Space/Homeward Bound/HMLT (2020)

Google (2016-2020)

Keybase (2015)

OkCupid (2012-2015)

DeepTech (2008-2012)