August 19, 2010

Things that people place importance on

In episode three of Dan Benjamin and John Gruber’s podcast, The Talk Show, Dan Benjamin discussed some iPhone users’ first impressions of Android (emphasis mine):

I had a fun conversation with Dave Nanian, the SuperDuper guy … he was saying that he’s gotten together, I guess, there’s a whole bunch of these cool Mac users up in Boston where they are, and he got together with them and said, you know, they were all trading around their phones, and Dave has like one of every phone that comes out, cause he’s, I guess he’s [Gruber: He’s a real junkie.] yeah, he’s wealthy too, he just buys phones. [Gruber: It’s kind of awesome.] Yeah, and he basically goes out there and buys whatever the phone is, and so he brought he cache of phones with him, and I guess he was saying that the people at the table, who were, for the most part, iPhone, Mac people, the way they would evaluate the phone, they pick it up and they page through the different pages of the screen, and if it wasn’t fast enough, then the phone sucks. Like, that’s how they evaluate the phone: “I move my finger and it didn’t keep up with my finger, so I can’t use this phone, this is horrible.” And that’s like saying, “Oh, this amazing plasma TV is unusable because, you know, it doesn’t change channels fast enough for me”, or something. And there’s all kinds of things that people place importance on.