February 19, 2012

Subject: Signing gnupg keys

Got this email out of the blue and I have no idea what to make of it. I asked in the #gnupg IRC channel on Freenode and got little insight. Not being at all familiar with Spain’s ID card system doesn’t help.


I’m looking for people who sign my gnupg key. It’s a hard job, but i found a method to make Virtual Keysigning Party. Here at Spain we have an ID Card with a x509 certificate inside, this certificate is provided by my goverment with the control of the police, so this certificate is full legal and it’s like handmade signature.

I would ask you if you may sign my public key with this legal proof. If you agree i send you a PDF file with my asc pubkey inside signed with my legal ID Card.

Do you agree to sign my pubkey with this method?

Feel free to delete this mail or answer no.

Thank you.

I’m very curious whether this guy’s intentions are pure and, if not, what he’s trying to do.