March 14, 2012

Am I more or less likely to cancel if you make it easy to do so?

Here’s a message I just sent to a big-name credit monitoring service as part of a we’re-sorry-you-cancelled survey:

I was still in the trial period — when I first signed up I looked around the website to find out how I could cancel, if I wanted to, and I didn’t find anything. There was no button in my account settings, there was nothing in the FAQs or the help section about how to do it. I searched around online and found out (from other websites) that I had to call in and talk to someone during business hours. Products that make it so much more difficult to cancel than to start using them make me uncomfortable. I like paying for stuff online. I think that when I know I can cancel a subscription service really, really easily I stick with it longer — the option’s always there, any hour of the day.

But that’s a huge guess. I wonder if there’s an accepted answer?